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Tafea Current Climate Status


Bleaching and FisheriesCurrent Coral Bleaching alert for Tafea is No Stress. Outlook remains at No Stress for the next 4 weeks.

El Nino Southern Oscillation

El Nino Southern Oscillation ENSO updateThe El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) outlook remained at El Niño WATCH as climate models showed sea surface temperatures remain close to El Niño threshold, and relevant atmospheric indicators continued at the ENSO neutral phase. The gradual cooling of sub-surface temperatures over the past months weakened in May, while the warm surface temperatures across the equatorial Pacific persist.


Rainfall and WaterOn a 30 year average (1981-10), Whitegrass and Aneityum usually observe around 72.1mm and 173.8mm of rain in May. In 2019, Whitegrass recorded 72.1mm, which is the normal amount. Aneityum recorded 256.6mm, placing it above normal.

Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature and FisheriesSea surface temperatures are up to half degrees cooler than normal around Tafea.