Vanuatu Synoptic Stations

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Vanuatu Current Climate Status


Bleaching and FisheriesCoral Bleaching alert has been raised to Watch in northern Vanuatu and parts of the central islands, while the southern region remains at No Stress since 14 April.

El Nino Southern Oscillation

El Nino Southern Oscillation ENSO updateThe El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) outlook was raised to El Niño ALERT since mid-March, meaning there is a 70% chance for an El Nino to develop. Should an El Nino arise, latest climate models show possibilities of a weak El Nino occurring only for a short period of time.


Rainfall and WaterMost of the stations in Vanuatu experienced below normal rainfall in March, while only Sola experienced above normal. The unusual rainfall pattern is likely caused by the displaced SPCZ east from its normal location, causing wetter than normal conditions in the northern parts of Vanuatu, while the central and southern Vanuatu experienced suppressed rainfall.

Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature and FisheriesOn average, sea surface temperatures around Vanuatu is up to half degrees above average, meaning temperatures are slightly warmer than normal.