Vanuatu Synoptic Stations

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Vanuatu Current Climate Status


Bleaching and FisheriesCoral Bleaching Alert for Vanuatu is No Stress for June.

El Nino Southern Oscillation

El Nino Southern Oscillation ENSO updateThe El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Outlook has shifted to La Niña WATCH. This means the chance of a La Niña forming in 2020 has increased to 50%. Cooling in the Topical Pacific has continued, with majority of models anticipating this cooling will be close to the threshold for La Niña by early spring (September - November 2020).


Rainfall and WaterRainfall was normal to above normal over the Southern Region in May, while normal to below normal rainfall was experienced over the Northern Region. Forecast for July shows above normal rainfall is the most likely outcome for Sola and Penama, and below normal rainfall is the most likely outcome for Shefa. Elsewhere, expect normal rainfall.

Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature and FisheriesSea surface temperatures in the central tropical Pacific are forecasted to cool further into the southern hemisphere winter, a pattern consistent with a La Nina-like pattern.