Area Forecast(ARFOR)

Updated on: Fri 20th Sep 2019 at 04:03:57PM Local time

FANV04 *Subject:* ARFOR *From:* Weather Forecastng & Services Division *To:* (Recipient List Suppressed) *Date:* Friday, 20/09/2019 16:03 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ARFOR FOR VANUATU VALID 200600UTC TO 201800UTC SITUATION A TROUGH OF LOW PRESSURE LIES FURTHER NORTH OF VANUATU. FEW SHOWERS POSSIBLE ABT NORTHERN ISLANDS WHILE PARTLY CLOUDY ELSEWHERE WITH CHANCE OF BRIEF AFTERNOON SHOWERS. LIGHT, MODERATE TO FRESH SE WINDS OVER THE GROUP. WINDS [ SPEED IN KNOTS] N OF 15S S OF 15S FL025 12527 12023 FL050 10015 17015 FL100 10010P11 26025P07 FL185 23505M06 25040M07 SIGWX: SHRA ABT NVSC VIS: +50KM 10000M-9000M IN -SHRA/SHRA. CLOUD: FEW-BKN CU 018/070 SCT-BKN SC 040/060 BKN-OVC ACAS ABV FL100 TURBULENCE: MOD TURB BLW 5000FT FREEZING LEVEL: 16000FT RMK: NIL.