Saratamata Observation Station

Site Name:Saratamata

WMO Number:91555






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Brief history about Saratamata weather station

Saratamata weather office is located in Ambae, in the Penama province. Saratamata weather office started on the 1st of December, 2007 .It is manned by 2 staff, working on a 24 /7 shift. Surface observations were done three hourly and also during flight times, using meteorological instruments and sensory observations. In the future, there will be Automatic Weather Station for Saratamata, through Vanuatu Climate Adaptation Project  (VCAP ) funded by United Nations Developmet Programme (UNDP ).Saratamata weather station have instruments that can record meteorological parameters, such as atmospheric pressure , wind speed and direction , air temperature and relative humidity .The picture below displays an instrument , which is used to measure a particular meteorological parameter

Grass minimum temperature is an instrument that measured by minimum thermometer. It records the lowest temperature near the ground which on clear nights may be cooled by radiation well below the screen temperature .The grass minimum temperature is usually read after night at 8am local time. The readings are useful for research and Agriculture.

Grass minimum thermometer