Pekoa Observation Station

Site Name:Pekoa

WMO Number:91554



Latitude:15°30.35' S

Longitude:167°13.28' E


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Brief history about Pekoa weather station

The weather office in Pekoa is in Santo, in the Sanma province. The site has been relocated from Luganville in January, 1951 and finally to its current location as of the 1st of January, 1973. The site is manned with 2 staffs working on a 24/7 shift. Surface observations were done at least every three hours and often hourly, using meteorological instruments and sensory observations , till 8pm local time, then automated till 4am. The stations Automatic Weather Station (AWS) was installed last year 2015, funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA ) . The Pekoa weather station have instruments that can record meteorological parameters such as , atmospheric pressure , wind speed and direction ,air temperature and relative humidity . The picture  below shows an instument , which measure a particular meteorological parameter .

The white, louvered Stevenson Screen houses the mercury thermometers, which measure daily maximum and minimum temperatures, as well as humidity – calculated by the wet and dry bulb thermometers .It is painted in white to reflect the heat of the sun, whilst at the same time allowing free flowing air through its louvers. Maximum measures the highest temperature of the day, whereas minimum measures the lowest temperature .