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Marine Forecasting Services
As Vanuatu is made up of many islands that spreads from latitudes 13°S to 21°S and longitudes 165°E to 170°E, the Shipping Industry plays a vital role in linking these islands to the main centers, Port Vila and Luganville. For some of these islands, the only mode to transport essential products to them (Islands) is via the ships. Most, if not all islands, depend entirely on the Shipping Industry to transport their agricultural products such as Copra, Cocoa, and Kava to the main centers (Vanuatu and its people continue to rely heavily on agricultural products as a main source of revenue). These marine forecasts, including other products on this website can also be beneficial to crushing yachts that plan on visiting Vanuatu and its many beautiful islands.

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD) recognized this vital role played by the Shipping Industry, and recently has expanded the Marine Forecasting Services to include both Coastal and High Seas Forecast.
Vanuatu Coastal Waters Forecast
The Coastal Marine Forecast Boundaries include the Northern Waters (Torba, Sanma, Penama), the Central Waters (Malampa, Penama), the Channel between Efatea and Erromango, the Southern Waters and the Harbors of both Port Vila and Luganville.

Vanuatu Coastal Marine Forecast covers the marine areas from the coast to about 50 Kilometers to the west and east of an Island. The Harbor forecast covers marine areas from the coast to about 10 kilometers.

Coastal Marine Forecasts is issued twice a day, at around 5:00 am and at 3:00 pm in the evening. In the event that there is a sudden change and there is a need to amend the forecast it will be amended immediately.

In the event that winds are forecast to reach 25 Knots, then a separate Strong Wind Warning Bulletin (25 to33 Knots) will be issued. In the event that the winds reached gale category (34 to 47 Knots), then a Gale Wind Warning Bulletin will be issued. It is also advisable to be cautious when westerly winds of 20 knots are forecast.

The marine bulletin is a four day forecast bulletin and consists of wind direction, wind speed and the wave height. The wave height is a combination of both the wind wave and the swell height.
High Seas Forecast
This New Service, High Seas Forecast, covers a large area, bounded by latitude and longitude; 10S to 23S and 160E to 175E. The High Seas Forecast is issued twice daily, at 6am and 6pm.

VMGD also broadcast via HF Radio marine bulletins twice a day, at 9:00 am and 4:00 pm local time. For those who are interested, the channels are 4385.30 and 4090.90.

For those who are interested in talking to a Marine Forecaster, call +678 22932.