volcano icon Monitoring Methods

Vanuatu Geohazards Division monitor a range of Vanuatu volcanoes. Various agencies are notified when the Volcanic Alert Level changes for Vanuatu’s active volcanoes.

Activity is monitored using the technique of Volcanic Surveillance which is based on the assumption that movement of molten rock or magma beneath a volcano will occur before any eruption can start and this movement of magma is detectable using varioud methods. Volcanologys use many techniques to monitor an active volcano; Monitoring data collected from different technologies are  continuously assessed and interpreted to help give an understaning of behaviour at the volcanoes and an insight to future eruptions; Some of the main techiniques use by the Vanuatu Geohazards Division are 

  1. Seismic Monitoring  - Almost of  all volcanoes in the world have some kind of seismic monitoring system and it is usually the first techniques applied when scientist begin to monitor a volcano.
  2. Visual and cameras- The safety and cheapest way of monitoring a volcano is just to looking at it.  
  3. Satellite images NOAA Satellite Picture and Information (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) gives a daily flux of S02 & MODVOLC gives a near-real-time thermal monitoring of global volcanism using MODIS instrument.