volcano icon  Manaro Voui Volcano

Ambae, is a massive 2500 cu basaltic and the most voluminous active shield volcano of the Vanuatu arc. Its summit area shows two concentric calderas, the largest of which is 6 km in diameter and the smallest including three Lakes (Manaro-Ngoru, Manaro-Lakwa and Manaro-Voui).

  •  Elevation: 1496 m / 4907 ft
  •  Latitude: 14° 23' 24.18'' S
  •  Longitude: 167° 49' 48.56'' E
Manaro Voui

Volcano Types

  •  Shield volcano
  •  Caldera 
  •  Scoria cone
  •  Tuff ring

Most recent eruptions

  • When: 8th February - 12nd  April 2018
  • Effect: Sustained volcanic emission of ashes/gases, significant ash impact at the Western, Southern and Northern- Eastern part of Ambae island.
  • When: 6th September - 30th  November 2017
  • Effect: Formation of the scoria cone inside Lake Voui, Lava flows and minor  emission of volcanic ashes/gases .
  • When: 18th - 19th  August 2016
  • Effect: Steam plume, formation of the cone and small ash emission in the caldera area.
  • When: 10th July 2011
  • Effect: Minor phreatic eruption within the crater lake .

Past eruptions

  • When: 2005
  • Effect: Major phreatic eruption
  • When: 1995
  • Effect: Emission of big dark ash plume, substantial degassing with sulfur odor.