volcano icon  Manaro Voui Volcano

Ambae, is a massive 2500 cu basaltic and the most voluminous active shield volcano of the Vanuatu arc. Its summit area shows two concentric calderas, the largest of which is 6 km in diameter and the smallest including three Lakes (Manaro-Ngoru, Manaro-Lakwa and Manaro-Voui).

  •  Elevation: 1496 m / 4907 ft
  •  Latitude: 14° 23' 24.18'' S
  •  Longitude: 167° 49' 48.56'' E
Manaro Voui

Volcano Types

  •  Shield volcano
  •  Caldera 
  •  Scoria cone
  •  Maars
  •  Tuff ring

Most recent eruptions

  • When: 6th September 2017 - 21st  September 2018
  • Effect: The 2017-2018 eruption is the largest and most impacting eruption at Ambae in recent history and characterised by four-time periods (eruptive phases) of activity producing volcanic ash fall, acid rain and the growth of and island that grew to be a volcanic cone. The thick ash falls have caused significant impacts on Ambae Island in terms of food and water supply, shelter and the health of residents on the island thus producing significant humanitarian issues.
  • When: 18th - 19th  August 2016
  • Effect: Steam plume, formation of the cone and small ash emission in the caldera area.
  • When: 10th July 2011
  • Effect: Minor phreatic eruption within the crater lake .

Past eruptions

  • When: 2005
  • Effect: Major phreatic eruption
  • When: 1995
  • Effect: Emission of big dark ash plume, substantial degassing with sulfur odor.