About Public Forecast

Hourly Satellite Image Upload
Satellite Image from the Himawarii Satellite (JMA), is also downloaded on a 10 minutes base and uploaded onto the Vanuatu Meteorology website on an hourly base. The uploaded images are in IR mode and covers the pacific region; including the Vanuatu Area.
Recorded Variables Update
Observers (from the Observation Division) that are stationed on the outer islands have the responsibility to collect and record the total amount of rainfall in a 24 hour period (beginning 8:00am on any given day to 8:00am the following day). The total amount of rainfall collected are then recorded as the Recorded Variables.
Weather Forecast For Media/Radio
The Media bulletin is also produced by the Public Weather Desk. Included in the Media bulletin are the summary of the day’s outlook and the general weather conditions for Luganville, Port Vila and Lenakel.
Weather Forecast For News Papers
The Public Weather Desk also produces weather outlook that are being published on the newspaper daily. Included in the bulletin are the sunset and sunrise time, Port Vila and Luganville harbour tide time and height, and the general weather outlook for the following day.
MSLP Chart
The general weather about Vanuatu group can be summarised by observing the MSLP chart that is being produced by the Public Weather Desk. The chart is prepared every six hour and updated on the VMGD website. The chart is also used in some of our Aviation products.
7-Day Weather Forecast
The Desk also produces a 7-Day Weather Outlook for the six provinces in the country. Included in this bulletin are the general weather forecast for the main provincial headquarters and their expected maximum and the minimum temperature.
Website Update
The Forecast Division Website is updated three times a day. The updating times are 6:00 am, 10:00am and 3:00pm. The website update covers the whole Vanuatu area, and it includes the current weather condition, temperature, surface wind speed and direction.