Understanding of Tsunami Signage and Information Board

Tsunami Signage is an integral part of a tsunami risk management system. Signage is an effective Mechanism for public education on the risk posed by tsunamis and the appropriate response to a Tsunami event. Tsunami Signage are significant contribution to the management of the risk posed by tsunamis by assisting the execution of evacuation plans. As a consequence, tsunami risk management is strengthened by the alignment of tsunami signage, public education, and response planning. Development of a national standard towards tsunami signage is intended to support both public education and preparation. Maximization of commonality of signage across the community assist recognition and understanding of the signage by tourists and travelers. A national standard would enable public education at the national level to provide examples of tsunami signage .

Tsunami information boards assist communities of the risk and appropriate respond to enable effective respond to a tsunami warning or tsunami event.
The information has the following content :
1. Tsunami hazards characteristics
2. Tsunami evacuation guidance
3. Warnings and response information
4. Evacuation zones in Red, Brown and Yellow of likely inundation and evacuation routes in Blue Arrows.
Evacuation Zones or Danger Zone ,Safe Route and Safe Location