Vanuatu Cyclone Tracking Map

The Vanuatu tropical cyclone tracking map (VTCM) is a tool that helps the local Ni-Van or any user to closely monitor the position and movement of a tropical cyclone should one develops and enters Vanuatu area of responsibility (VAR). The VAR is from 10S-23S and from 160E to 175E. to follow the movement and position of a tropical cyclone inside the VAR, the horizontal letters and the vertical numbers to pin point the location of the TC. The VTCM also consists of illustrations that will help the user understand the impact of the wind force from the different category tropical cyclones (i.e. CAT 1 to CAT 5)
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NEW Tropical Cyclone Tracking Map Released: October 7th, 2020 ] 
NEW Bislama Tracking Map
NEW English Tracking Map
NEW  French Tracking Map

OLD Tropical Cyclone Tracking Map
OLD Bislama Tracking Map
OLD English Tracking Map
OLD French Tracking Map