Vanuatu Synoptic Stations

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Vanuatu Current Climate Status


Bleaching and FisheriesCoral Reef warnings have generally eased this month. Alert Level 1 that had been issued over parts of Torba in March have eased to Watch in April. No Stress remains for the central and most of the southern islands as of 23rd April 2020.

El Nino Southern Oscillation

El Nino Southern Oscillation ENSO updateENSO is at Neutral. All indicators of ENSO are largely at normal; such as the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI), cloudiness near the Date Line, trade winds, and sub-surface temperatures in the Pacific.


Rainfall and WaterRainfall in March generally varied from below-normal to above-normal over specific stations in Vanuatu. While the Vanuatu wet/cyclone season officially ends in April, typically low rainfall totals are expected over the central and southern islands, while the northern islands have higher chances of experiencing normal rainfall within the next month.

Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature and FisheriesThe latest update issued on April 21st shows sea surface temperatures over Vanuatu are currently above 26.0 degree Celsius. Temperatures over Tafea were generally over 27.0 degree Celsius, while SSTs over Shefa, Malampa, Sanma and Penama is currently 28.0 degree Celsius and above. Torba experiences 29.0 degree Celsius and above, as of April 21st.